Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Keep The U.S.A. Free And Brave!!

Open Letter to the U.S.A.-

I'm saddened to hear of the recent shooting tragedy in Arizona. 19 people shot, 6 of them killed including a 9 year old girl. All because of one madman with a semi-automatic pistol.

I would like to suggest a solution.

Had that 9 year old girl been properly armed this whole event might have ended differently. In fact, it seems none of the victims were armed at all. By not exercising their 2nd amendment rights, they were not properly protected from all the other people who were doing their constitutional duty of carrying the means to kill someone on the spot.

Clearly the problem is that there weren't enough guns on the scene that fateful day.

So, I urge our neighbors to the south, arm yourselves. Arm your children. Your government has given you the right to carry weapons of instant destruction and you would be remiss not to utilize that right. You're gonna need to protect yourselves from all the other people who are exercising that right.

The Second amendment was written 250 years ago to allow for a National Militia. An army of the people to be called upon to defend U.S. soil against foreign invaders such as the British. Apparently that is still a threat worthy of saturating the population with firearms designed for one purpose. To kill other human beings.

In essence, if you own a gun in the U.S., you are signing a membership in the National Militia, and will be expected to fight in the event of an invasion. At least that's what the original purpose of it was.

I know, I know. There hasn't been an invading army on U.S. soil for 200 years. But we need to keep that fear alive. The cost of a few thousand funerals a year is nothing when compared to the revenue generated by gun culture.

You gotta see the upside here. Money is worth more than life.

So what if 1 in every 25 gun owners will use said firearm on their neighbor to settle a petty squabble or to take what isn't theirs. It's worth it to keep your children safe from the threat of all the invading armies who've been coming around lately.

Oh, and also, AK-47's are great for Trout fishing.