Sunday, March 13, 2011

Simple Plastic Stop-Motion Puppet Head With Replacement Mouths!

Head, hands and phonetic replacement mouth kit for animator Charles Greenfield (Character design by Charles Greenfield; molding/casting done by Melissa Nicoll).
Charles needed a simple, cartoony looking puppet to use for practice at home. He already has a body he wanted to use and just required some parts to complete his puppet.

Plastic head with inset, animatable eyes that are seated into silicone orbits and cast into the head.

A wide range of expression can be achieved using clay/wax eyebrows, and replacement mouths.

Aluminum and wire hands.

Charles provided me with a list of phonetic mouth shapes he wanted. I made these from coloured Super Sculpey. The idea is that the mouth will be replaced, frame by frame, according the the shape of the phonetic sound of each word of dialogue. Meant to mimic a the action of a speaking mouth.

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