Sunday, April 3, 2011

Vivid Dream From A While Back!

A while back, I woke up after the most vivid dream I've ever had. It was one of those confusing, groggy times that takes you few seconds to figure out where you are and what was or wasn't a dream. Even after clearing my head, the dream still felt more like a memory.
I immediately wrote down every detail I could remember before it faded away.
Surprisingly, it all flowed out in a kind of narrative.
The following is the unedited, spontaneous transcription from that morning.

An octopus came in the window while I was sleeping.
Just a little guy, could be held in one hand. Seemed lost. Scared. So I put him in a bucket with a rock and some water. Seemed playful and curious. It was really cute, I think it was a baby. Wanted to protect it.
There was some sort of family reunion or something happening in the next room. When I told them they all rushed in too see. The room was packed with people, they seemed a little drunk. The little octopus got scared and slithered up under the covers of my bed and hid there, but the people wouldn’t leave him alone. I got them all out and put him back in his bucket.
Decided to take him back to his home. Somehow I knew it was in a giant river that ran through whatever city we were in. I put him in some sort of water proof shoulder bag with some water and set out into the night.
The city was a scary place, like a nightmare city. Everything was black and sooty and falling apart. Constant police sirens in the distance.
I followed a small filthy stream that ran through a dying green belt at the edge of town but through the thin trees I could see tall dirty tenement buildings on both sides. Made it seem like the stream was in a deep valley.
Met up with two men who were just hanging around in the stream. They were filthy, wearing rags, looked like homeless people, and they were small but not midgets. Maybe five feet tall. They seemed to know about the octopus, said it was special and wanted to help, so they came with.
We all went through the stream together. The octopus kept coming halfway out of the bag too see what was going on. It was all slippery and kept almost falling out into the filthy water. I put my hand in the bag and it kind of nipped my finger. I decided it might be hungry and caught a frog. Put the frog in the bag and the octopus ate it. I couldn't see but I could hear crunching, slurping sounds.
Someone suddenly shone a flashlight into my eyes. It was a cop. I don’t know what he was doing there, but I knew he wasn’t a good cop. His uniform looked kind of like a gestapo uniform. He wanted to know what we were doing and what was in the bag.
Don’t remember what happened next exactly. There was some sort of commotion, lots of splashing and yelling. I dropped the bag and the octopus slid out and got sucked into a sewer grate at the side of the stream.
I felt frantic, reached in to grab it but it was gone. One of the little guys pulled me up and told me to run and to follow him.
We came to a big rusted metal door in the side of a hill made of sticks and dead leaves and mud. I knew the door led underground to the sewers beneath the city.
The other little guy was gone. He had sacrificed himself so we could get away. We pried the door open and went inside.
It was dark at first but further in there were bare light bulbs strung along the wall kind of dim. The tunnel was dirty and old looking. Concrete with a curved ceiling and pipes running along it. The water was about a foot deep. We walked for a while. The little guy leading the way.
We came to a narrow room with a ceiling so high the walls just disappeared into the darkness. There was another door on the other side. It was shut but I could see light around the edges.
The wall over the door we came through had hundreds of old people kind of embedded into it in all directions. There were legs sticking out, arms, heads, torsos all wrinkled and white. The wall itself was made up of junk. Old machine parts, kitchen appliances.
When the short guy shone a flashlight on them they came to life/ woke-up. Started moving, wriggling and reaching for us. There was something wrong with their eyes. Don’t remember exactly what, but I knew they couldn’t be what they looked like they were. They weren’t human anyway.
We backed away and when they couldn’t reach us they began to pull themselves out of the wall and fall into the shallow water.
We ran to the other door and got it open. On the other side was a big square room. Still concrete and dirty and sewer looking but much more brightly lit than the other one. It had those construction lights. The big halogen ones on stands, pointed toward the door. There was a black guy building some sort of barricade/ bunker type thing. He was in civilian clothes but I knew he was some kind of soldier.
He started yelling at us that we were fools, we were going to let them in. I guess he was building the bunker against the old people things. But it was too late, they pushed through the door behind us and rushed straight for the soldier guy. He had a machine gun and opened fire, but it didn’t help, there were way too many of them. They just sort of kept coming and he was quickly buried in them. Just gone. Then they turned to us and started coming.
The little guy ran at them and told me to get out of there, to go and find the octopus. There was an old revolver , like a cowboy gun but stubbier, in a suede holster on a table so I grabbed it and started climbing up a metal ladder attached to the wall. It was a long climb but nothing was following me.
There was a manhole cover at the top and I pushed it open and went through. Came up at the corner of King and Spadina. It seemed like the middle of the day and it was raining. There were people around but no one would speak to me. I realized I was soaking wet and covered in sewer crap. Looked a lot like my little friends did when I met them.
Spent a long time walking around trying to discreetly attach the gun holster to my belt without my pants falling down.
I noticed there were suddenly a lot of police around and they were all looking at me. They were pushing the civilians back and making a wide circle around me. I thought I was fucked for sure and was about to give up.
Then the asphalt in the middle of the intersection started to crack and buckle. The cops lost their balance and fell to the ground, so did I.
Giant tentacles came out of the ground and pulled up the rest of a gigantic octopus. It was about a hundred feet tall. I knew it was my little octopus somehow grown huge while in the sewer.
The police started shooting at it but it just brushed them aside and came toward me. It scooped me up with one of its tentacles and headed for the river, the cops still shooting at us.
We slid into the river and it started swimming, holding me above the surface. I could see the police still shooting but they were too far in the distance. It seemed that the sky had cleared up and became sunny and I had an overwhelming feeling of safety and freedom. I think we were headed to the ocean. That’s all I remember. I think I woke up around then.

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