Saturday, April 16, 2011

Stop-Motion Ball & Socket Jaw Zombie Puppet Fresh Skin & Eyeball Retrofit!

The original skin for this zombie finally wore out. This is a fresh skin.
As yet "un-rotified" or painted and pre-hair. Gave him an animatable eyeball upgrade while I was at it.
The eyeballs are plastic. The ones in there now are just "dummy" eyes until I decide on what the final ones will look like.

This guy is my guinea-pig puppet.
If ever I think of a new design concept, I'll try it out on this guy first.
Next up are ball & socket brows and wires in the lips.
An evolving puppet.
Been tinkering with this guy for about 2 years.
There is a project for him. A few in fact, just haven't got to em yet.
In fact, this guy has yet to be animated at all.


Freckles said...

this is amazing.
Let me know if you ever need someone to animate/test your puppets!

Andrew S said...

WOW, really nice looking puppet.

Graham Read said...