Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ball & Socket Stop-Motion Fox Puppet!

Here he is.
The finished Ball and Socket Fox puppet for "The Fox and the Chickadee", a short film by Evan DeRushie.
Body fur and fur styling by Bonni Burns; Head fur and flocking by Karen Valleau.
That white stuff on his feet is snow from the set.
(check out the in-progress pics HERE)


Anonymous said...

this is great

where-wolf said...

Hey you are so great doing your job, wow. congratulations!! i cant see your email, can u post it, please.


Graham Read said...

Hey thanks!
If the "email me" button near the top left side isn't working for you, it's -

Kathy MacDonald said...

Graham this looks amazing! Holy Crap!

jriggity said...

Awesome Puppet !!!


Charlotte said...

Just found your site. Your Fox is amazing, What is the skin?