Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tom Waits Stop-Motion Puppet Head!

While looking through some old boxes I came across this gem.
A head sculpt for a Bone Machine era Tom Waits puppet I never got around to finishing.
About 3" from the top of the hair to the bottom of the neck.
Did this around 1999-2000.
Lost an ear somewhere between now and then.

Made from Sculpey, painted with acrylic and the hair is made from a shaggy, knitted sweater I found in a used clothing store and chopped up.
The eyes are animatable beads baked into the head.
He originally had a cigarette in his mouth.

Still have the project in the back of my mind.
It never left, really.

Someday soon I'm gonna do a re-sculpt and make a proper puppet using proper materials.
He deserves no less.


Logo Design said...

Very nice i like it.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see what a finished puppet face looks like...Tom Waits or not...Of course, Waits finished...would be marvelous. I bought a resin copy of a bronze sculpt of Waits on ebay about four years ago...Mule Variations period. But the Waits I think that is the most memorable in terms of looks is the period where his face seemed real long and pointed....and his body was tilted in an impossible lean. Anyway, I'd still like to see what your finished work looks like...
Dre in san francisco...not that far from Waits' place.