Saturday, February 11, 2012

Stop-Motion Armatures from the past for a Space-Farm in the future!

While cleaning out my digital closet I found these pics of some armatures I made for Alliance Atlantis' stop-mo series Lunar Jim in 2004.
Didn't get pics of most of what I built for that show but here are a few of them.

This one was for a prop telescope type thing.
Brass and Steel, it had a plastic sculpted jacket cast around it for the final piece.
Has a telescoping "lens" piece and an articulated control arm with a hinge and swivel on the base.
I only built it.
The design is by Mark Dunphy, the head of the puppet department at the time.

A simple aluminum block and wire armature with steel tie-down footplates for a cow character.

Another Aluminum armature for a chicken character.
This guy was about 2" tall.

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