Saturday, February 25, 2012

Zombie Stop-Motion Puppet - Animated!

Some friends asked if they could borrow my "Russel the Zombie" puppet, just to have some fun with. He was still in a raw, unpainted state but they made it work anyway.
Here is the hilarious result.

Awesome job, guys!

- Josh Gorle (Director, Producer, Prop Builder and voice of Russel)
- C.A. Pounds (Writer, Voice of Announcer, Editor, Music, Sound, VFX and Star-Wipes)
- Jeremy Murphy (Stop-Motion Animation)
- Andrew Sneyd (Lighting Consultant)
- Bonni Burns (Puppet Wardrobe)
- With thanks to Cuppa Coffee Studio


Anonymous said...

hilarious!!!! Amazing puppet! Never seen one move its face so realistically. Wow.

jriggity said...

Awesome Work!